For the third time in a row, Aivo was recognized as a Leader in the G2 Chatbots category, as one of the best solutions in the market. In this case, it was the Spring 2020 report.

With input from more than 800,000 users, G2 reports on the best-rated chatbots using different parameters, such as ease of use and implementation, support quality and usability for corporate strategies.

Aivo has already been a Leader in the last two reports (Winter and Fall 2019) and had been selected as a High Performer in Summer 2019.

About the report

G2 is the leading platform for corporate reviews. Every season, it analyzes more than 800,000 user reviews in order to guide executives, investors and analysts in purchase decisions

Its methodology is simple and effective. An algorithm calculates scores on customer satisfaction and a product’s market presence. The report scores products and providers based on reviews gathered from the user community, along with data from online sources and social networks.

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With this, there’s an objective look at the current chatbot market (and many other categories) based on real, verified user reviews.

With a score of 4.4 out of 5, Aivo ranked as a Leader, the highest category of the report. 

What do our customers say?

At Aivo, our customer opinions mean a lot, especially in uncertain times like what we’re all currently going through.

When developing our technology, we work hard to meet the goals and needs of our customers by adapting to current situations.

We understand that right now in facing the COVID-19 pandemic, our customers need technology that’s easy to implement and manage, has remote and cloud access, and solves user problems automatically.

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Plus, we understand the importance of pairing our technology with high-quality support provided by our agents in onboarding, adoption and customer success.

Being ranked as leaders in the latest G2 report isn’t just about satisfaction. It’s also an incentive to keep strengthening all these aspects, understanding that our customers need efficient technology and a support team that’s there and ensures the continuity of customer service.

These were some of our customer reviews…

Count on us

We want to reinforce our commitment to both our customers and the entire CX community. We’re here to help you face the challenges of this pandemic on customer service departments.

And to support companies and organizations having trouble with their service strategy, Aivo launched Quick Onboarding, a program for companies to take action as soon as possible with these technologies. 

“While under normal circumstances we’d be very pleased at being placed as leaders in the G2 report, it’s hard given the current situation,” said Martín Frascaroli, CEO at Aivo.

“Now more than ever, listening to our customers and learning about their needs, concerns and goals is incredibly important to us. But above all, I’d like to thank our team. Not only do they keep developing our technology, but they’re also working hard to provide support and assistance to our customers during these times of high demand, in order for them to continue their operations in spite of the difficult times we’re going through,” he concluded.